Sites I like

The following sites are listed alphabetically, starting from the first letter after www. This list is not complete and will be regularly updated. | A large collection of sheet music, videos and audio recordings. Users can sign up to the site and add their own contributions. | The site of Bernard Loffet, an instrument maker and a diatonic accordion player. It includes a number of tabs of all music styles and for all levels. Very very useful! | Jean-Marc Siche’s website, a great repertoire of tablatures for diatonic accordion and fiddle, classed by geographical area and genre. | A large repertoire of tabs, meticulously classed by genre and instrument type. | Erwan Tanguy’s website. One of the best sites dedicated to diatonic accordion, with lots of tablatures and very clear tutorials and exercises to improve playing technique. | An Italian portal about diatonic accordion: tuition, music, sheet music and tabs, organology, ads for used instruments. | The site of Tabledit, a gorgeous tablature software.