Ballata degli sciagurati (tab)

I was a bit busy during the past two weeks, so it took me a bit longer than just a few days but finally… here you are! Have a nice weekend you all! 🙂

Ballata degli sciagurati | PDF

Ballata degli sciagurati | TEF

And here’s the Play Along MP3:

Play Along


A few updates

Just a few quick updates today:

1) As I promised in my last post, today I uploaded the TEF file of my tune for those of you who use Tabledit. You can download it by clicking here or from the “Sheet music” page.

2) I found out and fixed  broken links in the “Sheet music” page. You can now download “La Marianne” tab, TEF file and play along MP3. I forgot to check if the links were working after I transferred this website from Posterous to WordPress and it turned out that a few of them no longer worked properly. I’m very sorry about that.

3) I added the TEF file of “The Butterfly”.

That’s all for now, have a nice week you all!

Unassuming Tune – Sheet Music

Hello everybody!

I’ve finally managed to tab the unassuming little tune (which will remain untitled) I posted some time ago. You can download it from Scribd or from this site if you would like to learn it. For some reason, the PDF file doesn’t read well on Scribd, I suggest you download the file to your hard disk (the downloaded file is OK).

In the next couple of days I will also post the TEF file to the “Sheet music” page, so check back soon.

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