Farewell to the Aviary Suite

Aviary has recently announced that their Advanced Suite will be retired on September 15, 2012.
That’s really a sad news.

Needless to say, I mostly use (well, used) Roc music creator and Myna audio editor, and especially love the first one.
You can see a screenshot below:

I mainly use Roc to build loops to play along with or to create light accompaniments for my tunes.

Despite its limitations (the instruments only have a limited number of notes available), I think it’s a really great tool. First of all, it is completely free to use. Secondly, it includes a lot of instruments (and not only the most common ones…), whose sound is very realistic; try it for yourself! Third, all loops can be downloaded as WAV or MP3 files and used in your favorite audio editing program (or loaded in Myna) to create your own songs. Finally, it is amazingly easy to use: an excellent first approach to computer music.

I’ve never tried the other editors of the Aviary suite, but the comments I read on the web are enthusiastic, so I am inclined to think they are just as good as the music tools.

Well, it’s always sad to see a good piece of software disappear, but we still have one and a half months left to enjoy the Aviary suite! And I still hope they are going to provide us with a downloadable version of the software, even for a small fee…


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