Carolan’s Air

Hi! Today I’m posting the sheet music of Carolan’s air. Here it is:

Carolan’s air – PDF

You can listen to this tune clicking on the player below:

Unfortunately I haven’t written down the tablature yet, but I am working on it and will update this post as soon as it’s ready.


Since this is an air, I think it’s better not to play basses as you would normally do for tunes in ¾ time. You can get creative with the basses here.

Critical points

  1. Bars 4, 12: triplets; the problem here is that you have to play one note pushing and the following one pulling; this can lead to a certain stiffness of playing. In the audio file I posted I do not play the triplets in order to avoid stiffness; now I’ve come up with another solution and I only play the bass on the first note of the triplet, as gently as possible (I haven’t recorded this version yet, sorry).
  2. Bars 17-18: you have to play a C6 (pushing) together with an A minor chord (pulling). How to do that? I play the A minor chord while pulling, and the C4 along with the bass of E while pushing.
  3. Bar 28: bars 26-27 are played pushing, so it is likely that the bellows will be too closed. You can play the first two notes of bar 28 pulling and then close the bellows again while playing the third note.

Well, I think I’ve said it all…


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